Deep pink Large-Flowered Climber.
 Small, cluster-flowered bloom form.  Spring or summer flush with scattered later bloom.  Small buds.

Climbing.  Glossy, dark green foliage.

 Can be used for ground cover, hanging basket or pillar.  Hardy.  a good subject for pegging.  can be grown as a shrub.  can be trained as a climber.  prefers cool sites..  produces decorative hips.  shade tolerant.  suitable for a pillar.  Disease susceptibility: disease resistant, blackspot resistant, mildew resistant, very rust resistant.  Prune lightly until this rose gets established (about two years), then prune it back by about a third..

These will be arriving Bare root on Dr. Huey Rootstock .
in January for spring shipping in 2023. Please choose the Bare root option.

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