Light pink, white center.
 Medium, single (4-8 petals),
cluster-flowered, in large clusters bloom form.  Blooms in flushes throughout the season.

Short, compact.  Medium, matte, medium green foliage.  7 leaflets.

Jim Delahanty: The rose is easy to grow and roots easily. The blooms are generous once the plant matures in about a year or so, although the color is weather sensitive–high heat will lighten the pink significantly.

The name is dervied from a Celtic spirit who is both mischievous and benevolent–think of the invisible rabbit in the play ‘Harvey,’ or the movie with Jimmy Stewart. This is a rose absolutely crying to be planted for mass effect color.

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Rose Stats

  • Class NamePolyantha
  • IntroductionUnknown chinese breeders
  • Size4' - 5'
  • Zone6 - 10
  • Colorpink with white center
  • Scentnone
  • Bloom Size1"
  • Breederunknown chinese
  • Repeat Bloomyes
  • Year Introducedbefore 1965

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