Phyllis Bide

This climbing variety has some unusual features, notably its ability to produce blooms all through summer and autumn, an uncommon achievement for a climbing rose at the time it was introduced. The buds are like small cones and are carried in wide clusters on short stems. They open into fairly full rosette-shaped blooms of modest size, in a mixture of salmony-pink and yellow shades.The plant grows vigorously with a branching habit and lax arching stems making a splendid climber for fences, pillars and arches. It can also be used on a wall and as a weeping standard. It can be pruned to form a sizable shrub for training on a tripod or against a supporting post. The leaflets are plentiful, narrow and shiny.’Perle d’Or’ is one of the parents.

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Rose Stats

  • Class NameClimbing Polyantha
  • Zone4 - 9
  • ColorCream
  • Scentyes
  • Bloom Size1.5"
  • BreederBide
  • Repeat BloomYes
  • Year Introduced1923

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