Marchesa Boccella (OGR) – Jacque Cartier

Also called ‘Jacques Cartier’, the flowers of this rose develop from firm buds with feathery sepals and are borne in tight clusters. that open to fully double and quartered flowers with button eyes. They are 3 inches across, soft pink, and very fragrant producing blooms in succession from mid-summer to late autumn. It is an upright, surdy shrub to 4 feet, occassionally throwing up a taller cane to 5 feet or more. There are plenty of thorns. The foliage is light green when young, deepening to a blue-green with age.

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Rose Stats

  • Class NameHybrid Perpetual
  • Zone4 - 9
  • ColorLight Pink
  • Scentvery
  • Bloom Size3"
  • BreederDesprez
  • Repeat BloomYes
  • Year Introduced1842

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