Devoniensis, Climbing

Also known as ‘Magnolia Rose’ and ‘Victoria’. This shrub rose would be extinct now if a climbing sport had not shown up; ‘Climbing Devionensis’ is now more popular than the shrub.Sometimes the climbing form will revert back to being a shrub. Both bloom easily and profusely and have buds that are tinged red and open to very large, white blooms with yellow centers. The inner petals are curled and there is a strong Tea or lemon fragrance. As the first Tea Rose to be bred in England it has not found a warm home there, but it has been extraordinarily popular in mild climates. Brilliant dark green foliage covers the long canes which have few prickles. It repeats from spring until autumn and has been one of the parents of some important roses, such as ‘Lady Mary Fitzwilliam’. Zones 6-11.

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Rose Stats

  • Class NameClimbing Tea
  • IntroductionAustralia
  • Size10 - 12' x 6'
  • Zone6 - 11
  • ColorWhite
  • Scentyes
  • Bloom Size3"
  • BreederPavitt
  • Repeat BloomYes
  • Year Introduced1858

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