Hybrid Tea.
Crimson. Strong fragrance. 36 to 45 petals. Average diameter 6″. Very large, full (26-40 petals), borne mostly solitary, globular, high-centered to cupped bloom form. Continuous (perpetual) bloom throughout the season.
Medium, armed with thorns / prickles, bushy, upright. Matte, dark green foliage.
Height of 30″ to 3′ (75 to 90 cm). Width of up to 2′ (up to 60 cm).
USDA zone 5b through 10b. Can be used for beds and borders, container rose, cut flower, garden or landscape. Vigorous. Spring Pruning: Remove old canes and dead or diseased wood and cut back canes that cross. In warmer climates, cut back the remaining canes by about one-third. In colder areas, you’ll probably find you’ll have to prune a little more than that. Requires spring freeze protection. Can be grown in the ground or in a container (container requires winter protection). Remove unproductive wood every third year or so.


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